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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the FlexiBin?

A FlexiBin is the solution to your waste removal problems. It's a practical, tough, heavy duty, disposable rubbish bag for household junk, garden waste, and construction and demolition waste.

Buy one, fill it... and we'll take it from there.


When should I use the FlexiBin?

You can use the FlexiBin in a number of situations, DIY renovations, landscaping, gardening waste, household junk, general home or garage clear outs, construction site clean ups, demolition waste etc. Available in 3 convenient sizes, there is a bag to suit all your requirements.


Where can I purchase the FlexiBin?

The FlexiBin is stocked at your local Mitre 10, ITM, Carters, Bunnings, Placemakers and The Warehouse stores. To check for your nearest stockist, simply click here.

Alternatively you can purchase your FlexiBin via our website or call our 0800 number.

How much does it cost?

The recommended retail price, including GST is as follows:

1M FlexiBin $29.95
2M FlexiBin $39.95
3M FlexiBin $49.95

An additional fee applies for collection. This is paid directly to FlexiBin at the time of booking your collection.
Please see the price page here for collection pricing


When will my FlexiBin be collected?

Your FlexiBin will be collected within 5 working days.


Do you service my area?

To check whether or not we service your area, click here.


Pick up zones

Your FlexiBin will be collected from any location
within a 15km radius of an authorised stockist. For
services out of zone, please contact us as prices
or simply check your address on our website.


How big is the FlexiBin?

FlexiBin is available in 3 convenient sizes.

The 1 cubic metre bags are 1m (long) x 1m (wide) x 1m (high)
The 2 cubic metre bags are 2m (long) x 1m (wide) x 1m (high)
The 3 cubic metre bags are 2m (long) x 1.5m (wide) x 1m (high)


How strong is the FlexiBin?

The FlexiBin is just as strong as a traditional steel skip bin. To ensure it maintains its strength, be sure to fill it according to the instructions provided. The FlexiBin will not tear if it is punctured.


Is the FlexiBin waterproof?

The FlexiBin is a woven polypropylene material that does not hold water.


How does the FlexiBin work?

Simply purchase a FlexiBin from your nearest stockist or via our website. Fill the bag at your own pace and in your own time. Once it is ready for removal, book and pay for your collection via the website or call our 0800 number. Your FlexiBin will then be collected within 5 working days.


What can I put in my FlexiBin?

We can take just about anything including garden waste, soil, rubble, roof tiles, timber off cuts, gib board, appliances, furniture, electronics, household junk, DIY and renovation waste etc.


What cannot go into my FlexiBin?

We do not accept anything toxic or hazardous, i.e. asbestos, chemicals, paint, oil, car batteries, gas bottles, tyres, medical sharps, food waste etc. If these items are placed in the FlexiBin, we will be unable to collect it. Remember, liability for the contents rests with you.


Is there a weight limit?

If your FlexiBin is over weight, we may not be able to take it, or additional charges may be applied. Please ensure you keep your FlexiBin within the following weight limits.

1M FlexiBin max weight = 200kg
2M FlexiBin max weight = 400kg
2M Garden FlexiBin max weight = 400kg
3M FlexiBin max weight = 600kg


Heavy materials

To help you stay within the weight limit you should only fill up to 20cm of the really heavy stuff in the bottom of your FlexiBin. So pile any concrete, dirt, soil, bricks, rubble, broken tiles etc in first. The fill up with the lighter rubbish.


Can I fill my FlexiBin to the top?

All rubbish must be inside the bin with nothing sticking out over the top. This is to ensure the safe lifting and removal of your FlexiBin.


Tips for filling your FlexiBin

Before filling your FlexiBin make sure you read the Instructions for use on the back of the packaging or on the sewn on label. This will ensure correct placement and filling of the bag. Remember, if your FlexiBin is not loaded correctly, we will not be able to remove it. Pick up fees are non refundable.


Can I re use my FlexiBin?

For safety reasons the FlexiBin is a single use product. You FlexiBin will not be returned to you after it has been removed.


Where should I place my FlexiBin?

You need to ensure your FlexiBin is within 4 metres of the street kerb or driveway and must be within your property boundary. The driveway needs to be 3 metres wide to allow safe access. Remember that our truck requires 9 metres of height to safely collect your bin, so don't place the FlexiBin under tree branches, phone or power lines. If we are lifting the FlexiBin over a fence, the fence must be no more than 1.2 metres high. Remember to get all your rubbish in the bin, not all around it. Do not overfill and do not attempt to move your FlexiBin once it is full, as this could lead to personal injury. Do not place the bin on Council or public property e.g. kerb, berm or roadside, as this is against Council regulations. Once you have started filling your FlexiBin, do not move it as the structure of the bag could be compromised, or it could lead to personal injury.


How do I schedule a pick up for my FlexiBin?

When your FlexiBin is ready to be picked up, simply visit the website, or call our 0800 number to book and pay for your collection. Your FlexiBin will be collected within 5 working days * terms and conditions apply


How much does the pick up cost?

The pick up fee should have been clearly labelled on the front of your FlexiBin packaging. Standard pick up fees  can be viewed through our

Price List Page

These prices are inclusive of GST and are subject to variation should you be outside our standard collection zones. To check whether you fall within this area, click here.


How do I pay for my pick up?

Payment is required at the time of booking your pick up. Credit card payment is required, both Visa and MasterCard are accepted. If credit card payment is not possible please phone our call centre on 0800 874 353 to discuss alternative payment options.


How do I cancel my pick up?

You are entitled to cancel your pick up provided we receive notification within no less than 2 working days before the scheduled collection date.