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Put your Flexi Bin on your property, no more than 4 metres from the kerb or driveway.

* The Flexi Bin must be within your property boundary

So the sides don't flop down, stand inside and roll them down outwards.
Then roll them back up as you fill it.
Make sure no DIY leftovers, building waste, junk or garden garbage sticks out over the top.
Only fill heavy stuff to 20cm.
e:g Soil, Concrete & hardfill
Order a pick-up here or
call us on 0800 874 3539.



                                    To make sure our collection truck can get at your Flexi Bin and make a clean getaway,
                                    please follow the placement guidelines below.

  • If the truck has to enter your property the driveway access must be at least 3 metres wide and 9 metre high.
  • Ensure access to the collection site is clear.
  • If it's an 'over the fence' pick up your Flexi Bin needs to be within 4 metres of the street kerb, and the fence no higher than 1.2m.
  • Don't put your Flexi Bin under tree branches, phone or power lines.
  • Get all the waste in the bin, not all around it. Do not over fill.
  • Don't place your Flexi Bin on the berm or roadside. It's against Council regulations.