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"This is the best idea for rubbish removal ever. Whoever thought of this is a genius."

"Saw your ad on tv - thought it was a brilliant idea. Found your website and am very impressed. With your system, I can use it at my own speed, replace it when I want to - and the cost is completely manageable. What an absolutely fantastic idea! Well done you! Thanks for a brilliant solution to such a common problem. You rock!"
D. Krissansen

"The bin is very quick to put up and a breeze to fill. If you have a clean up to do at home I would advise getting a FlexiBin. IT WORKS!"
M. Dickson

I took the opportunity whilst doing some renovations to sample your FlexiBin product. The product and service were superb and I would certainly recommend it.
M. Pretorius

"We filled our bin with bathroom renovation waste, I ordered and paid online, and the bin was gone the next day. Very impressed. Thank you."
M. Rutherford

" ... they are the greatest thing to move around and use. I have never had any hassles ordering a pick up, it is done so efficiently and with a minimum fuss and no mess is left. "You guys are wonderful."
R. Ross

I just have to say ... after using a FlexiBin for my kitchen renovation this month ... what a fantastic product FlexiBin is! It is just great!
B McLean