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Place your FlexiBin no more than 4 metres from the kerb or driveway. The FlexiBin must be within your property boundary. Do not place the bin on council or public property e.g. kerb, berm or roadside, as this is against Council regulations. If pickup is over a fence, the fence should be no higher than 1.2m. A width of 4.5m is required at point of collection.

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If the truck has to enter your property, the driveway access must be at least 3 metres wide and 9 metre high. Ensure access to the collection site is clear and the collection point is flat on the horizontal axis for the collection vehicle.

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Do not place your FlexiBin within 4 metres of phone or power lines.

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Do not place your FlexiBin under trees or within 4 metres of tree branches

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Only fill heavy items (eg: soil, concrete, hardfill) to 20cm. Ensure no waste sticks out over top. Do not over fill.


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